Weaving in the Odyssey

  The tale of the “man of twists and turns”, the Odyssey is a remarkable tapestry of events, woven together by the charismatic master of schemes, Odysseus. A very prominent theme in this story is the idea of “weaving”. Central to the text, this recurring idea is highly aesthetic in nature, lending to the Odyssey […]

Water Bodies and Water Deities in Ancient Mythology

Myths talk about a universal truth, presented in the form of stories which are not necessarily true, but convey with unprecedented clarity the erudition acquired by humans via their interaction with nature. Across myths originating from various cultures, water in its basic qualities is used to symbolise various aspects of our life and of the […]

Did Ancient Civilizations Die or did they Survive in Other Forms?

Since over 900  years, people have been formally studying Ancient Civilizations and various aspects of each civilization. There have been archaeology, papyrology, and other such fields  that have helped us understand these Ancient Civilizations a little better. While studying an Ancient Civilization, one of the most important  things to be understood is how the civilization […]